Ranen Conference Staff



Pr. Berine Otieno Ngore President

Pr. Paul Girimbe Executive Secretary

Pr. Anne Owaga Chief Financial Officer

Pr. Tukiko Jakech

  • Stewardship
  • Church Development

Pr. Duncan Wawo

  • Youth
  • Publishing

Pr. Hellen Owino

  • Children Ministries
  • Women Ministries
  • Sabbath School

Pr. Maurice Asango

  • Health Ministries

Pr. Mathew Kwasi

  • Ministerial
  • Family Life

Pr. John Obunga

  • Chaplaincy
  • Media and Communication

Pr. Samuel Mosoba

  • Music
  • Education

Pr. Joseph Oyolla

  • Evangelist
  • Global Mission
  • Personal Ministry
  • Adventist Muslim Report

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